1, What's the difference between high-end and mid-end bags?

We sell both the high quality and medium quality bags. The difference between high and medium quality is mainly in these aspects.

1) The hardware materials and plated technology of high-end bags are better. Generally speaking, the hardware of high-end bags is made of steel or better alloys, and some of them are copper, and the plated process is better. The medium-end generally uses alloys, and plated is not as well as high-end.
The hardware of high-end bags is more wear-resistant, and its surface looks better than medium quality's.

2) The leather or canvas material of high-end is better than medium-end. Normally high-end use 1st layer leather while medium-end use 2nd layer leather or not real leather in some cases.

3) The craftsmanship of high-ends is better than medium-ends. The production machines for high-end products are more advanced, so it is better to make bags than medium-end products. It is inevitable that medium-end bags have a little defects, which you need to understand and accept. 

4) If the high-end 95% closer to the authentics, then the medium-end is about 85%.

5) The medium-ends come with dust bag, but without gift box; The high-ends come with both dust bag and gift box (BUT the bags larger than 40cm come without gift box, because there's no box larger than 40cm in the market).

6) Here are some VS pics for your reference.



2, How fast can I get my bag?

It'll take about 2~3 days to ship out your package, sometimes more, because we need to inspect one by one carefully and sometimes have to change one once we checked any problem.

Also please be aware that the package will be shipped out from Guangzhou, but they'll be picked up in HK/Malaysia/Dubai mostly. So it'll take some days to show the pick up information after shipping. Please be patient and understanding. We will always take your order seriously. 

The whole delivery time is like below:

10 days delivery: 40%

15 days delivery: 30%

>15 days delivery: 20%


3, Why does my package stay in the "shipment information received" state for many days? Has the package been shipped yet? 

This situation is normal and all packages are the same. Since our packages are all shiped from the Mid-east Fedex/DHL recently, the status will be always "information received" before the couriers received and arranges the flight. Once they arrange the flight, the packages can be delivered quickly. You don’t need to worry about this. In short, most of the time to most areas, the delivery time is 10~20 days.

Here are some cases for your reference.


4, Why do I receive the tracking number the next day after shipment?

You won't be confused about it if you know the shipment process here.
In the shipping industry here, there's a collecting role like a middleman. Generally speaking, sellers (like us) will not directly deliver packages to courier companies (except EMS) like Fedex/DHL/UPS. Instead, the packages are entrusted to the mid-collector, and then the mid-collector delivers the packages to the couriers. Because these mid-collectors can get better prices. If the seller delivers the package directly to the courier companies, the prices of the products may have to increase by about 20%.

So, the shipment process is like this:
1. We deliver the packages to the mid-collectors;
2. The mid-collectors deliver the packages to the couriers and obtain the tracking numbers and pass to us;
3. We inform the buyers of the tracking numbers;

That's why the tracking numbers will only be received the next day after shipment.