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- Medium-quality bags NO BOX packaging.
- Most high-quality bags WITH BOX packaging, meanwhile offering NO BOX packaging option to save money for buyers.  In some special cases, buyers can only choose WITH BOX packaging, while other cases that the bags are too big to have box packaging.
- Belts and Shoes WITH BOX packaging.

It'll take about 2~3 days to ship out your package, sometimes more, because we need to inspect one by one carefully and sometimes have to change one once we checked any problem.
Also please be aware that the package will be shipped out from Guangzhou, but they'll be picked up in HK/Malaysia/Dubai mostly. So it'll take some days to show the pick up information after shipping. Please be patient and understanding. We will always take your order seriously. 

The whole delivery time is like below:
10 days delivery: 40%
15 days delivery: 30%
>15 days delivery: 20%

- For bags, our website sells two different qualities, medium and high qualities. 
- The price difference between medium and high end belts is not as big as that of bags, so we only sell high-end ones.

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